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Jamie, MN

Thank you for making it easy for me to take care of my health & the planet at the same time!  I prep a batch of Guardian Grains on the weekend & have them easily accessible for my lunches as a stand-alone or I add them to soups & salads throughout the week.

Rick, ND

We love what you guys are doing for soil health, planet health and human health.  Thank you!  We enjoy using your hard red spring wheat to mill fresh flour

Mark, Home Baker, VA

I recently decided to try out some of Guardian Grains' hard red spring wheat.  I was impressed from the get go, when 35# of very clean wheat berries arrived in a great pail, which is perfect for storage. I  did a test to give me an idea of how to approach this grain. The test told me that this wheat produces gluten as strong as the best of the other wheats I use. This impression was confirmed when I did a test bake with freshly milled flour from this wheat. The flour held up well to high(85%) hydration & a long, slow retarded proof, giving me tasty loaves with a moist & tender crumb. In short, this is a great wheat for making artisan bread.  I like it all the better knowing that it is produced using organic & regenerative techniques, which make it full of good nutrition.