Guardian Grains

Offering Regeneratively Grown Whole Grains 

-   ABOUT US  -


We are a husband and wife team working to help our 4th generation farm thrive.  We believe in assuring the health of our soils at the heart of every decision we make on our regenerative farm. Our soil health is reliant upon a rich blend of bio diversity in our farming practices.  Regenerative farming is a broad spectrum term, these are the practices we incorporate on our farm(or rather DONT incorporate):

  • No Tillage:  tillage breaks down the fungal network in the soil which is essential for raising fully self sustaining plants.

  • No Fertilizers either organic or synthetic.

  • No Seed Treatments

  • No GMO

  • No Insecticide

  • No Fungicide

  • No pre-harvest desicant

When ever possible; we use Cover crops and companion planting during our frost free periods to feed our soil microbiome. These practices raise a more nutrient dense grain while capturing carbon in the soil and above ground biomass, reversing current global trends in the atmosphere.  Our grains are full of nutrients, fiber and vitamin E to help improve human health and immune system function.