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Italian Pasta Salad


8 oz Guardian Grains Heritage Artisan Pasta cooked according to package instructions

1 large diced cucumber or 3 small diced cucumbers

Salad peppers diced(I use a variety of yellow, orange and red for color)

1/2 of a container of salad tomatoes

1/2-1 Package of mini salad pepperoni

1/2-1 Package of small mozzarella pearls

Sliced Olives(optional)

Italian dressing to taste( I use 1/2 of a medium bottle of Olive Garden brand Italian dressing)



Toss cooked and cooled pasta with Italian dressing. The pasta will absorb the dressing as it sits in the

refrigerator. If you are preparing the night before, add more dressing so the salad isn't "dry" the next

day. Add diced cucumbers, diced peppers, pepperoni and olives if using. Stir to combine. Add

mozzerella pearls just before serving. Serve chilled at your next gathering.

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