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Indigenous Micro Organism Solution

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Purchase our 5 part video series to learn how to reproduce a NATIVE  biological solution. With your IMOS Member Package:

  • Meet the farmer

  • Borrow IMO(Indigenous Micro Organism)from thriving system

  • Build your brewer

  • Feeding your IMOS™ 

  • Application

***IMOS™ Food Kits Sold Separately***​

*Individual On Farm Results May Vary*

**Video Series Sales Are Final and Non-Refundable*

Who Should Utilize IMOS?

Quality Food Kits

Compost vs IMOS

If you would like to learn more about IMOS you can listen to Farm Green Podcast.  Rick Clark interviews DeAnna about our farm and how farmers can unlock the potential of Indigenous Micro Organism on their own farms.  Listen here. 

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