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Earth Day!

I cannot let the day slip by without acknowledging EARTH DAY!! Ok, while I know I am a day late, I PROMISE I have a good reason. We used to aim for Earth Day as the day to be planting our crop in the field, however, as our farm has gotten smaller and much more manageable acres wise, we wait just until conditions are exactly right to be in our fields with the tractors and seeding equipment. This year we still have snow on the ground, so we spent time cleaning grain for Guardian Grains production and I got some much needed time away with my sisters in our annual dirty dining event at a local green house. For me, this night with friends and my sisters is the true first sign of spring and helps me shake any winter blues that might still be clinging on.

Squeezing in between two of my best!!

I do have some other exciting news! We are FINALLY launching our breakfast barley on our website! Kelly and I are delivering the flaker to our production facility in Tuttle on Monday, where we will help our team learn how to flake your barley to order!! It has been a LONG time coming and I am so excited to finally be able to deliver it NOW.

We hope you enjoyed your Earth Day breathing in the beauty that is our planet..Talk soon

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