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  • Meet the farmer

  • Borrow IMO(Indigenous Micro Organism)from thriving system

  • Build your IMOS™ brewer

  • Brewing IMOS™

  • Application

Imos™ Video Series

  • Our video series is carefully curated with the intention of empowering farmers to enhance their self-sufficiency through the incorporation of native biology into their farming practices. All content, equipment, and processes provided within the video series are expressly intended for personal use only and are strictly prohibited from being replicated, reproduced, distributed, or commercialized in any manner.

    Additionally, access to the video series is granted solely to subscribed members of the Indigenous Micro Organism Solution (IMOS). Sharing of videos with non-subscribed IMOS members is strictly prohibited to maintain the exclusivity of the content.

    Furthermore, all food kits must be purchased through guardian grains. These kits are labeled and intended for on-farm use only, and they cannot be resold under any circumstances. The primary purpose of these food kits is to facilitate on-farm practices, aligning with the ethos of self-sufficiency that our video series promotes.
    By accessing and utilizing our video series and related materials, you acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms and conditions, which are designed to ensure the integrity and intended purpose of the content.

    We encourage you to embrace the principles of self-sufficiency and responsible use of the resources provided in our video series. Your commitment to these terms contributes to the sustainable growth of both your farming practices and the broader farming community.

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