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Who Has Your Ear?

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

When we started down this road to soil health, we listened to countless hours of videos, webinars and podcasts just trying to soak up information from anyplace we could find it. Some of the voices we heard had valuable tips for us, some did not. We are still learning about how to better care for our soils to produce the highest nutrition in our crops to help to feed people, animals and the planet BETTER.

One of the resources that I enjoy most because it helps consumers learn about soil health is the Tasting Terroir Podcast.

This podcast really helps introduce consumers to farmers, the science and food companies that are really moving the needle in the connection between soil health and human health. If you ask me, the people are sick because our soils are sick. The answer to human health is in soil health. So I highly recommend this podcast for any of you who want to learn more about how the food we eat can have BETTER FLAVOR and MORE nutrition(spoiler alert!!: its not from added "natural" flavors OR from fertilizing the fields or gardens🤯) when grown using soil health principles.

If you missed my interview with Sara from Global Food And Farm from last year you can catch it here!

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