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Where did 2022 Go??!??

I dont know about you, but 2022 went by in the blink for us! Another year of watching our kids grow and learn. Another year of growing our crops with the goal of producing the most nutritious grains available to our growing customer base. From East coast to West, from North to South we are so grateful for those of you choosing to source grains, stone milled flour and artisan pasta from our farm.

I fully believe that to improve the food system, we need food companies to offer better. Lets push for shorter ingredient lists, no preservatives, fresh flour that can nourish our bodies instead of irritating them, pasta that doesnt add inches...just flavor. That is our mission here at Guardian Grains. People deserve BETTER, not MORE of the same or what they can already get.

Stay tuned for more exciting breakfast options launching this month

(hint: it involves our naked barley) We are excited to offer New Grains for 2023!! Check out our Turkey Red Heritage Wheat and Milling Oats .

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