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Now Shipping!!

We are very excited and relieved to finally be shipping out pre-orders of stone milled flour and pasta! We had a very busy and productive week(hopefully our customers continue to keep us this way) we milled flour orders, shipped whole wheat berries, produced pasta and shipped it all! We will be busy next week continuing to finish filling our pasta orders...we had so many orders to fill, there weren't enough drying racks to produce them all in one week! We are humbled by the overwhelming response to deliver BETTER food from our farm, thank you! Please spread our mission of soil health and wheat you can eat© to your friends, family and social media; our efforts can only be amplified and visible with your help. Stay tuned for more to come! Below you can see just a smidge of the pasta we produced last week.

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Bridget Scott
Bridget Scott
Aug 10, 2022

Oooooo... Yummm E!

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