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Kuchen, Anyone?

I decided to try a Kuchen(German Coffee Cake) recipe yesterday and since I have never made Kuchen, all recipes were "new to me". After scouring the web, I decided to make a Guardian Grains version of from scratch Kuchen . Unlike most of my baking endeavors, I remembered to get photos of the progression of the bake to share with all of you!! As with anything in my kitchen, the recipe has to start with fresh, stone milled flour from at least one of the grains we grow. I chose our heritage variety Rouge De Bordeaux for the recipe on this crust. When I am baking sweets or treats, the least I can do is use whole wheat flour to ensure I am getting full nutrition rather than just starch from "chalk flour"(you WON'T find a link for THAT here!). The process was simple and fun and the taste was delicious. For the filling I used raspberries, juneberries and rhubarb all grown right here at home...cause fresh is best(or perhaps frozen since it is currently -20 degrees in my great state of ND). The rhubarb was a HIT with our local 4H group too. You can find the full recipe for my Kuchen here. If you happen to try this delicious treat please do share here and on social media! Also, be sure to subscribe to our email list to stay up to date with all the exciting things happening with Guardian Grains this year! (Spoiler ALERT!! we will be offering Artisan Pasta AND Stone Milled flour!!)

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