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Ag Day

March 21, is Ag day! Did you realize? We are rather overwhelmed here on the farm, with a never ending list of things to do (much like you). We are trying to breathe and do the next thing on the list. We are insulated in three feet of snow here in ND and are working hard to keep checking things off the list. Next up, is grain cleaning. Thanks to our customers we are having a hard time keeping grain instock at our flour and pasta production facility! It's a great "problem"to have. The good news is we HAVE the grain to clean(and we will grow more) once we get a few days of decent weather(in a row) to dehull and clean grain. We appreciate your patience during extended shipping times and while you wait for grain to be re-stocked so we can deliver whole nutrition to your door. We have so much appreciation for our customers who choose to support our farm with their buying dollar, it is truly what keeps us direct marketing to you. We know what we do matters to all of you. Today I am reminded of a great poem by Paul Harvey "So God Made A Farmer". I put his words to motion this evening and wanted to share it with you. Stay well and warm

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