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A Heart Full💚

It is Valentines Day! I hope this post finds you with hearts full of love and hope, I know mine is. We will be enjoying a home cooked meal at home with the kids, its become my favorite way to spend the evening. I hope you spend the evening making your heart happy!!

I want to share a podcast that highlights our efforts from farm to fork. As you know making our grains, stone milled flours and heritage artisan pasta available to consumers directly is a passion of mine. What you may not be aware of is this: a fraction of 1% of the grains we grow gets marketed directly to consumers through Guardian Grains. What does that mean exactly? It means that 99.5% of the grains we grow leave our farm by the semi-load to our local elevator or food processor where they no doubt get commingled with all the other grains grown using more conventional farming methods. Is this a bad thing? Yes and No. Its not an ideal scenario for allowing people and food companies to benefit directly from our soil health practices and the grains become untraceable. It does however, benefit the massive grain supply chain in that at least some of the grains going to the masses might contain sprinkles of our grains. I am happy to report that our market direct to consumer is gaining traction and growing on a weekly basis!! This makes my heart happy that more of our farm is getting directly to peoples forks where they can actually taste the place where their food was grown. Thank You for your ongoing Support!

I know I have mentioned Tasting Terroir Podcast in the past, as you are aware it is my favorite podcast helping consumers connect with the

farmers that grow their food. In this latest episode: One of the top trends in food for 2023 is buying foods that have a simple ingredient list with a transparent supply chain. Turns out....that's exactly what you get when you buy your food directly from the regenerative farmers that made it! You can give the latest episode a listen here

Until Next Time!💚

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