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I'm Kelly

I have been enlightened by the negative effects of conventional and organic farming on our Earth and our food system of the world.  It is my mission to provide consumers with grain they can trust will nourish their bodies and the soil its grown in.  


      My Why

Our soils thrive without the use of tillage, fertilizers and seed treatments.  Our plants thrive without the use of insecticides and fungicides.  Our grains help our bodies to thrive through dense nutritional values gained by both healthy soils and plants grown there in. Why regenerative farming? I was tired of being a "dr." to sick "patients" in the field.   I was constantly treating problems that were caused by our growing practices.  Why No-tillage?  Tillage releases stored carbon from the soil, destroys the soils microbiome and kills earthworms that soil relies on to neutralize harmful bacteria such as E.coli and Salmonella. Why No Fertilizers?  Our fertilizers were scorching our fungal network in the soil and destroying the plants ability to make the necessary connections to the soil microbiome in order to produce self sustaining healthy plants.  Why no insecticide?  Insecticides are non-discriminative, applying them causes the loss of ALL insects; both harmful and beneficial.  Why no fungicide? Fungicides are non-selective, applying fungicide, destroys the fungal dominance in the soil which plants need to create an immune system to protect against disease. I describe our growing practices as regenerative, to describe the way we farm as a closed loop system.  Our farming practices allow for healthy soils, to grow healthy grains equipped with natural immune defenses: disease resistance, pest resistance and balanced nutrition.  We can not only repair our soils through our farming practices, but these soils can THRIVE, without too much interference from me.  

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