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That Feeling You Get...

when your spelt grain and flour has been out of stock for MONTHS and it finally gets RESTOCKED! Paislee's enthusiasm in this photo sums up my excitement!

It has been LONG overdue, but it is OFFICIALLY here! Our spelt whole grain and flours are back in stock! We are so appreciative for all of our customers who place pre-orders and patiently waited while we tripped over hurdle after hurdle to make it available. It has been an unusual farming season that ended abruptly with 16" of heavy snow. Kelly and I worked very hard to button things up around the farm before the snow fell. He worked on cleaning and washing all of the equipment while I had the task of dehulling some spelt from our 2024 crop. We both worked through the night and stopped for a quick bowl of breakfast barley and went back to work. It.was.ALOT. but it is done. So now what? We will continue to work with Mother Nature and clean grain when we can, knowing our goal is to deliver THE BEST grains, flour, pasta and flaked barley to our customers.

Don't forget to check out our newest offerings: Heritage Bread Flour and Bread Flour and as always be sure to add a bag of our flaked barley to your shopping cart to enjoy!

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