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I'm DeAnna!  I'm a North Dakota girl with farming in my roots and soil under my fingernails. I love my journey that led me down this gravel road.  My world is diverse! You might find me in a skid steer, behind the wheel of a semi, bouncing around in a tractor, or rolling down an old dirt road in my '72 Ford pick up with the windows down and the radio UP!  I enjoy the quiet of my combine cab in the Fall and the miracle of new life around the farm with the arrival of Spring.  I believe the closer we come to mimicking nature in our grain farming practices, the healthier our soils will be.  Healthy soils grow healthy plants, healthy plants produce nutrient dense grains to support immune function.  Its time for the old lie: " Good farming = mono-cropping and big yields" to go by the wayside, with a new truth emerging:

"Healthy soils + healthy people=GOOD FARMING"





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